What before God?

What before God?

What before God?

It is very difficult to answer What before God? It is hard enough to imagine a time without God. So to explain this we will go scientifically as well as mathematically.

God is one. All the preachers and religion leaders admire the beautiful creation of God. They can have different ways to chant but they all directs to the one who is omnipresent.

To answer this question mathematically, if we want to count the number of infinite pebbles present on this planet, from where do we start? We will start counting from one, two, three and so on…
So if we want to answer what is before one?, What will be the answer?
Yes, you are right. Nothing. So before one there is nothing. In the same way before God there is nothing.

Scientifically, we can easily explain this question with the help of Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory brief us about beginning of the universe, the stars and galaxies. It states that the universe originated in an explosion from one single point of infinite energy. From that explosion, billions and billions of stars, galaxies came into existence.
So if we want to know what before one single point of infinite energy?
Yes you are absolutely right, nothing.

Hence, it is mathematically and scientifically proved that before God there was nothing.

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