Wellness Meaning

Wellness Meaning

Wellness Meaning

Wellness is a condition of being free from mental, physical and social illness. It is a dynamic process of becoming conscious of and making options towards a healthy life. Wellness is the foundation of quality of life. Wellness is a trip of finding appropriate tools for growth and development.

Our lifestyle is directly proportional to wellness. Nutritious diet, sleep, exercise, meditation and social connectedness are considered as dimensions of overall Wellness. So, Drinking more water, exercising and spending some time outside are recommended for wellness. Mind and body relate to each other.

Physical health affects the mental health and in the same way mental health affects the physical health. Below are some points which one should consider for Wellness:

Have determination, self-esteem and self-control.

Person should have control over his thoughts, words and actions. Confidence is very important factor for the growth and development. But, at the same time excess of everything is bad. Person’s feeling of self-esteem and self-importance. Improve your ego and be determined.

Involve in mental and creative activities.

15 to 25 minutes of daily exercise have a constructive impact on you. It also helps to improve your mood and overall sense of well-being.

Healthy eating habits.

Cut out all the bad food for example, junk food, excessive chocolates, candies, processed food and sweets. Healthy eating habits is the key to successful healthy life.


Self-care is very important. Take your diet properly. Eat nutritious food, exercise daily, meditate to grow your mind, soul and be physically fit.

Enlighten life with personal and professional interconnections.

Human is social animal. One should interact with other people. Interaction is very important. Feelings are meant to be shared with your close ones. If we suppress our feelings, it results in stress and depression. And, it also leads to various physical and mental disorders.

Final Words

Optimistic life begins with good physical and mental health. So, one should know wellness meaning. Physical, mental and social health are important for one’s wellness. What you’ve got are the best gifts from god. Always care and protect them. Because if they once gone, will difficult to recover.

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