Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

On 143rd Birth anniversary of Vallabhbhai Patel, Statue of Unity was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October, 2018.

A memorial to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.


The statue is apportioned into five zones of which only three are available to public. From its base to the element of Patel’s shins is the essential zone which has three levels and fuses a presentation zone, mezzanine and housetop.

Zone 1 contains a recognition develop and a presentation lobby. The second zone comes to up to Patel’s thighs at 149 meters, while the third stretches out up to the review show at 153 meters. Zone 4 is the help zone while the last zone incorporates the head and shoulders of the statue.

The authentic focus in zone 1 lists the life of Sardar Patel and his duties. A flanking fluctuating media display allows a 15-minute presentation on Patel. The strong towers which outline the statue’s legs contain two lifts each. Each lift can pass on 26 people at a chance to the survey display in somewhat more than 30 seconds. The presentation is arranged at a height of 153 meters (502 ft.) and can hold up to 200 people.

Vallabhbhai Patel

Vallabhbhai Patel: The first Deputy Prime Minister of India, one of the prominent leaders of the Indian independence movement.
He was responsible for the integration of the princely states.

Statue of unity costs

Vallabhbhai memorial costs around 3000 crores (US$420 million).

Statue of unity progress 2018

Beginning date of the project was 31 October 2013 and completion date is October 2018.
It is dedicated to Sardar Patel. Memorial is the highest statue in the world.
Statue of Unity is 183-Meter-tall which is tallest than Spring Temple Buddha, China which is 153 Meter. Height of Statue of Liberty, USA is 93 Meter.

Location map

Memorial is in Kevadiya colony, Narmada district, Gujarat, India. Its coordinates are 21.8380°N 73.7191°E.
Memorial is facing Sardar Sarovar Dam which is built on river Narmada in Kevadiya colony which is 100 kilometers from Vadodara.

Statue of unity completion date

It is inaugurated on 31 October 2018. The project was constructed by Larsen & Toubro who received the contract.
Ram V. Sutar designed the monument. Visibility of the monument is within 7 km radius.

Landmark & Holiday

It is near Sardar Sarovar dam. Memorial will remain close on every Monday for maintenance.

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