What is the principal cause of every problem ?

What is the principal cause of every problem ?

What is the principal cause of every problem ?

Sometimes words can not express the intensity and the extent of the suffering in our life. No doubt the life is hard. There might be many problems which includes mental, physical, death etc. But we should always remember that every problem has solution. No lock is made without its key.

Dissatisfaction and lack of patience is the principal cause of every problem.


If we are unsatisfied that is fine, but dissatisfaction is the cause of many problems. Dissatisfaction means lack of satisfaction. Always thanks to God for each and every thing that you have. Try to find satisfaction and happiness in small things. These small things in future will turn into big memories.

Nobody is satisfied. Persons with no house wants one room of their own, those with one room wants two and so on. Even owner of the big bungalow wants his private island.  So in life we should be satisfied with what we have.

Comparison with others

Each and every creation of God is unique. Nobody is alike. Even if we want to compare two pebbles they are not same. We compare our self to others with respect to money, power, wisdom, happiness without knowing the exact picture of their life.

Getting motivation from others is good but comparing with them results in dissatisfaction.

Lack of Patience

Impatience can cause you to harm your emotions. Sometimes you don’t mean to hurt anybody but your lack of patience hurts them. You don’t get control on your emotions which results in problem. Active listening helps in improving patience.


We cannot do anything of our own. Everything is with creator god. Even we cannot breath without his will. Excess of every thing is bad. Nothing is in our hand, so why to worry?

Have trust in God.

Don’t try to find answer of every question in your life

There are many questions in our whole life for which we don’t get answers. Don’t try to find answer of each and every question. Some questions are never meant to be solved.

While trying to find answer, if we caught our self in prison of bad thoughts its better to avoid finding answers of those questions.

Time heals each and every thing.

What is the principal cause of every problem ?


What is the principal cause of every problem ?

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