Pornography and Depression

Pornography and Depression

Pornography and Depression

Porn could impact your mental and emotional health. Topic which was not openly discussed in the past has become the hot topic in today’s world. Watching porn helps in the release of dopamine which is the rewarding hormone of our brain. Sexual images or videos gives sexual satisfaction through masturbation. Also, pornography has become a way to self-medicate our stress.

Person who is taking help of the porn to reduce stress becomes a habit which turns to addiction. Watching excessive porn, releases excessive dopamine which causes the imbalance in our brain. This increases the many disorders like depression and anxiety. Therefore, to enjoy the same thrill and feeling, person require more dopamine which forces him to see more porn.

Behavioral Paralysis

The combination of depression and shame becomes Behavioral Paralysis. Around 70 to 90 percent of people who saw porn in their lifetime does not have any negative impact. However, for the remaining 10 to 30 percent it has become serious problem (physically, mentally and sexually).

Porn and Depression

Porn will only temporarily relieve your mental pain, but it will increase your problems in the long run. Pornography and depression are correlated with each other. It might be self-medication for someone, but it is a health issue too. We can not dent that it is a health issue too. Consumption of porn if taken in excess is injurious to mental and physical health of an individual.

It is seen that watching more porn has provoked some skepticism in the mental health community. Also, Mental health professionals may treat porn addiction as an impulse control disorder or a non-substance-related addictive disorder. Many mental therapies can help people to get out of this problem. Watching porn may lead to a sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms of person with a porn addiction

Not able to stop
atching porn even if it is effecting professional and personal life
Watching porn for longer period of time

Recovery from porn is possible. Hope you like our article on Pornography and Depression. 🙂
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