Love Sex and Relationships

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Love Sex and Relationships

Love Sex and Relationships

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Relationship is directly proportional to love. Also, we cannot deny that sex is also important to grow a relationship.

These three terms – Love Sex and Relationship are related to each other. It’s not obvious that if there is healthy sex then there will be healthy relationship. Relationship depends on the respect, trust, love, care and sincerity between the partners.

In sexual point of view, the desire to intimate slowly disappears when the relationship is no longer new. However, any couple can have a smooth, healthy and constructive life together even when those intimate moments in the bedroom become less.

The research proves that the couples who communicate and listen to each other have a more satisfying relationship than those who are only good in bed.

Couples should always focus on creating a connection that strengths and deepens their feelings for each other. Read on to find various factors that are important than sex for healthy relationship:
Love Sex and Relationships

They support each other

You and your partner should listen to each other. If you’re hurt, you can bring this up to your partner without any fear.

They make each other laugh

Neither you are afraid to be stupid and crazy in front of your partner nor worry that he might find you mad. You should laugh all the time even when you are sharing some moments in bed.

Studies shows that couples who made each other laugh had a longer, lasting partnership.

Realistic about your expectation

You accept that what you all need is realistic and your partner can easily fulfill. Do not think that your partner will fill everything so you will have a satisfying life.

Your partner also understand that you are not the only one who can make him happy.

Be Loyal to each other

Of course, Sincerity and trust both linked to loyalty. Even if your relationship is not normal, you are expected to truly follow the common rules.

Forgive each other

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Always try to adjust with each other. Forgiveness is very essential for any relationship.

Differences, Problems and Tension crop up in every relationship, but it is very important to harvest the ripe crop of negativity.

Love Sex and Relationships

Ask about each other’s day

Sharing small chats every night helps couples to come close to each other. The habit to ask about how your partner’s day went helps to build a positive connection.

It is very difficult to Stick to a relationship if you do not have love. So, to build healthy relationship one should concentrates on the small things.

Final Thoughts on Love Sex and Relationship

Are you looking to grow old together? Do you want emotional or physical connection?

Emotionally strong and positive relationship needs less physical intimacy to survive. As we grow old our beauty surrenders, but emotional attachment always exits.

Celebrate your differences, forgive often and laugh with each other are the keys to successful relationship.

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