Ketamines for Depression

Ketamines for Depression

Depression is a serious mental disorder that hampers the way you think, how you feel and how you act. It is associated with the mood swings. Ups and downs are the part of life. But when emotions becomes severe, it leads to depression. Depression symptoms includes; Early awakening, restless sleep, rumination etc. Nowadays, it becomes most common mental health problem. Scientists around the world were involved in the invention of drugs for the treatment of depression.

Ketamine is gaining ground as a promising drug in few cases of major depression. Recent surveys shows that in US, 16 million adults suffered from major depression every year. Ketamines for depression treatment can be consider as the gift from scientists. Ketamine can reduce the life threatening thoughts and relieve other symptoms of depression. Also, there are other medicines available in the market for suicidality, but they take weeks and even months to take effect.

Side effects of ketamine given by infusion

High blood pressure
Blurry Vision

Types of Ketamine

Racemic ketamine and Esketamine are two types of Ketamines
Racemic Ketamine given as infusion into blood stream
Esketamine given as nasal spray

How Ketamine works?

Ketamines for depression helps in repairing neurons synapses that don’t function properly. Not defined as how Ketamine works because it works several ways at a time.

Only in short term, Ketamine for the treatment of depression is safe.

Cost of Ketamine

It costs around $350 – $500 per treatment. Some patients are willing to bear the cost and some are not.

Ketamine – Miracle Drug

Used as anesthesia during surgeries. Ketamine helps in creating new pathways and provide opportunity to develop more positive thoughts ant behaviors. Also, it helps in developing resiliency and stops the re-occurrence of the depression.

Hope you like the article 😊 on Ketamines for depression. Bipolar Depression Symptom

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