Is Life a Mystery ?

Is Life a Mystery ?

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Over the years, it is no doubt that science and technology has pushed our understanding of the world to whole new heights. We’ve gained understanding of so many things, created and developed things that have shaped the world so different than it was before. But even so, there are more things in life that science cannot explain, and that the more we discover life on earth, the deeper the mysteries are. Is life a mystery?


Is Life a Mystery ?

There are many mysteries in all four corners of the world. The world we live in is full of things that no matter how much people tries to understand but cannot fathom and a perfect example of that is ourselves. We ourselves are an embodiment of mystery from the moment of our birth to the time of death and everything in between.

That, I think, is more than enough to say that life and everything in it is indeed mysterious. Seeing how vast the world is that we cannot help but simply wonder, love and embrace all there is in it. Life is mysterious and full of wonder. No matter how fleeting life seems, it is beautiful and magnificent with that sense of wonder in your chest burning up like fire, filling you with hope and excitement of whatever tomorrow holds.


Is Life a Mystery ?

That life is mysterious is its most beautiful quality. Because life is mysterious, people can wonder, witness and experience all the beauty of the world, by our existence and what is in the future.

However, to attempt to understand why life is mysterious, I think, is not possible. All that you can ever do is live in it, wonder what’s in the future, forge ahead and experience life as it is. Life is simply too fluid, too contradicting, too unpredictable, too beautiful to try to comprehend. Trying to understand it will only leave you a complete mess. So forget understanding and just live your life as it comes to you.


Is Life a Mystery ?


Why life is mysterious is simply a fact. It does need theories to explain why it is so. It simply is. There is not a question why. Life being mysterious is what gives it meaning. Because you cannot predict what will happen right this second, in the next minutes or the next hour or in the future, because you never know what lays ahead, your heart becomes filled with wonder and anticipation, it gives more meaning, more weight, more beauty and more depth when the moment is there.

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Is Life a Mystery ?

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