How to make miracle happen?

How to make miracle happen?

How to make miracle happen?

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Supernatural phenomenon, or an outstanding example of something which is a mystery can be considered as Miracle. How to make miracle happen?

We can relate miracle to cause and effect. What Human cannot understand is miracle. What Science cannot explain is miracle.



For every happening there is a cause and for that cause there is a effect, that effect again may have many causes. If we are able to find the cause that is science and if not that is a miracle….




People are wonderful, magnificent and beautiful because they are mysterious. We hold in ourselves the power to change, to overcome adversity and emerge victorious to whatever life throws at us. We remain resilient and lives and loves life with a sense of wonder, preferring to see the good more than anything else.

In this life, you may wander for ages, the people in it and the situations you find yourself in will test your patience to the thinnest, it will leave you joyous, exhilarated, loved, confused and broken and that’s what makes it beautiful and mysterious.

It does not matter how hopeless the situation is, a prayer has the power to potentially change any challenging situation in a miraculous way.

Whenever you truly wish for a miracle in your life, always be thankful and forgive often. Reignite your excitement about life with positivism and  willingness. We have to make our mind strong and increase our will power to see miracle happening in our life.

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