How to control four horses within you ?

How to control four horses within you ?

How to control four horses within you ?

There was a king who had 4 untrained horses. Nobody was able to train them. King announced the big gift for that person who would be able to train his horses. Many trainers came but no one was able to even touch the horses. Whenever they tried, horses kicked them back. Even some of the trainers went to death bed.

One day, one young man came and asked the permission from the king to train the horses. King told him that everyone had failed to train them. The young boy said that I would train your horses but I had one bet that you had to agree. He said that I could train them but I would keep them with me until they were completely trained.

King agreed.

Days went by, Months went by and a Year went by, but that young guy didn’t come. King forgets about his horses.
King thought that they will never come back as the horses might have left the trainer. Suddenly he heard the voice of his horses. He saw that his horses were moving forward towards his emperor in a straight line with that young guy. King was very happy to see them disciplined.
King asked this young man that how did you train them and why did you take so long?

Then boy said that horses were very wild. When I took the horses with me I set the horses free. I used to do the same things that horses did. When they ran, I ran with them, when they slept, I slept with them. When they ate, I also ate. Horses thought that I was one of them. After few months, I kept seat on their back but they refused. When I tried for several times they get used to the seat.
After that I put belt on them but again they refused, then after trying for several times they accepted.
This was how I became their friend and was able to train them. The fault of other trainers was that they were trying to control them without becoming their friend.

How to control four horses within you?

Like this only in our self we have 4 untrained horses.

Physical being




When we want to control them, we try to control them at the same moment (obey me now). Means we want to be our master in a very short span of time without working on us.
We always want to control them in hurry that is why we lose our control. We should first be friend to our 4 horses, and then only we will be able to control them and be happy always.
Sometimes we are able to convince our mind with positive thinking but sometimes do not. Why not? It is because we have not become friends with our horses.
Try to be friend with your mind and it will start understanding you more clearly and obey your instructions.

This story is inspired by Swami Niranjananda.

How to control four horses within you ?

How to control four horses within you ?

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