How to break up!

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How to break up!

Conclusion of a relationship, end of relationship or the separation of two individual who are once attached to each other is BREAK UP.
To break up with a person who is very close to you is of great challenge. Below are some effective suggestions:

Choose Time and Place to Break Up:

Do not break up on phone. Choose a suitable time and private place to break up. Meet him/her in person.
Be clear with your thoughts and avoid unnecessary fight. Do not rush to break up.

Tell clearly that you want to break up:

Tell him/her that how you feel. Express your feelings so that you do not be in Depression.
There is no need to discuss the topics in detail. Some people are not meant to be in your life.
So it’s better to apart from them waving a warm good bye.

Cut off your contact:

As you do not need any relationship with the person, so it’s better to cut off your contact with him/her.
No need to keep any interaction either short or long. Meet new people and engage yourself with new activities.
Change your daily routine.

Get help and support from your family and friends:

Family and friends are very important part of one’s life. One should get support from friends and family members to get out of the Poisoned Thoughts.
Friend is a person with whom you have bond of mutual care, love, sentiment and endearment.

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