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Teens Love

Teens Love Teens Love Teen age can be defined as an interval of life’s age between 13 and 19 of an individual. Also, Love can be defined as a sweet feeling of... Read more »
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How to break up!

How to break up! Conclusion of a relationship, end of relationship or the separation of two individual who are once attached to each other is BREAK UP. To break up with a... Read more »

Reasons to break up…

Reasons to break up Reasons to break up You do not have faith in them. In a relationship, Faith is a trust or confidence in your partner. No relationship can exist without... Read more »
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Poisoned Thoughts

Poisoned Thoughts Thought can be defined as an independent function. Something occurring instantly in mind. But, thoughts are different from poisoned thoughts. Poisoned thoughts are contaminated or adulterate thoughts. The more you... Read more »