Bipolar Depression Symptoms

Bipolar Depression Symptoms

Bipolar Depression Symptoms

Is it Mental disorder ?
We all have happy and sad times in our life, but with bipolar disorder it becomes more severe. The cycles of bipolar disorder lasts for days, weeks, or months. Person suffering from bipolar disorder have extraordinary mood swings. Mood swings are so extreme that they can hinder your school or job performance. Bipolar depression can damage your relationships. In addition, it can disturb your ability to perform daily activities.

Bipolar Depression Symptoms can be precise and confusing. Therefore, most of the people who are suffering from bipolar depression are misdiagnosed or overlooked. Bipolar depression can also be hereditary. The first occurrence of bipolar depression commonly found in teenage years.

Some people are more inclined to either mania or depression. However, it can look different in different individuals.

There are 4 types of mood swings in bipolar depression. Depression, Mania, Hypomania and mixed emotions.

Symptoms in Mania:

Feeling extremely irritable or very optimistic
Unrealistic about person’s abilities and power
Many thoughts running at one time
Acting carelessly without thinking about the end results
Easily distracted
Impulsive Sex

Symptoms in Depression:

Not able to sleep
Become desperate and empty
Memory and concentration problems
Feeling of guilt
Considering life worthless
Feeling of suicide or death
Withdraw from friends and family
Noticeable change in appetite

Symptoms in Hypo-mania:


Symptoms in Mixed Emotions:

Mixed symptoms of both mania or hypo-mania and depression. Few Symptoms are:

Racing Thoughts

We discussed about the Bipolar Depression Symptoms. In Conclusion, it is very dangerous and should be taken seriously. Proper diagnosis and medication can help in proper treatment. Above all, we should keep ourselves healthy(Physically and Mentally)
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