What are the causes of Depression ?

Depression is a feeling of Sadness that negatively affects the way you believe and how you feel. It is treatable. Depression causes the loss of interest in the movements once enjoyed. Below... Read more »

What is the principal cause of every problem ?

Sometimes words can not express the intensity and the extent of the suffering in our life. No doubt the life is hard. There might be many problems which includes mental, physical, death etc. But... Read more »

How to make miracle happen?

Miracle – PositiveCrown Supernatural phenomenon, or an outstanding example of something which is a mystery can be considered as Miracle. How to make miracle happen? We can relate miracle to cause and effect.... Read more »
Is Life a Mystery?

Is Life a Mystery ?

MYSTERIES – PositiveCrown Over the years, it is no doubt that science and technology has pushed our understanding of the world to whole new heights. We’ve gained understanding of so many things,... Read more »

Who is the closest person to God?

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