What are the causes of Depression ?

Depression is a feeling of Sadness that negatively affects the way you believe and how you feel.

It is treatable.

Depression causes the loss of interest in the movements once enjoyed.

Below are the main causes of depression:


Dissatisfaction is the lack of satisfaction. It causes frustration which results in irritation and anger.

Non realistic goals:

We all should have goals to grow in our life. But sometimes having some unrealistic goals gives us health problems. So its better to have small goals instead of big goals. Achieve small goals and then move forward for higher goals.

Relationship failures:

Relationship  failures also affects the health. Depression is the most common problem we see after breakups. Breakup can be with any person like relatives, siblings , parents and our loved ones. Loss of any person which is close us makes us unstable.

relationship failure
Death of loved one:

Death of any person which is close us makes us unstable. Loved one can be any person like relative, sibling , parent or friend.

death of loved one
Health Problems:

Sometimes long health problem makes us feel depressed. Some persons are suffering from incurable diseases which affects their mind.

Cause of Every Problem
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