The Crow and The Parrot- Moral Stories

Once there were two crows, Aja and Ala. Both of them fly high in the sky. They eat whatever they want to eat, go wherever they want to go. Both believes there is a God who made and governs all creations. Aja was very thankful to God for every little thing in his life.

On Contrary, Ala always remains upset with his bad looks and irritating voice. Ala wants to be beautiful so that all gets attracted towards him. He wants sweet voice and intelligence. One day God asked them to make a wish.

Aja remains silent and shows his gratitude towards what he has and thank god. Now its Ala’s turn. Quickly, Ala shows his sadness and asked for beautiful attractive color, red down-curved hooked bill and sweet voice.

God accepted their desire.

Now Ala is very happy with his new looks and is feeling out of the world. Suddenly, hunter saw this beautiful creature and put him in the cage. Ala screamed, curious at being caged.


Sitting inside the cage, Ala saw his friend Aja flying in the sky with full freedom. He then realized that we should be thankful to God for whatever he gives us.

MORAL: Nobody is perfect. Dissatisfaction is the root cause of every problem. We should be thankful, always ready to show appreciation for what we have and return kindness in the world.

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